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Our Programmes 
A quick 30-minute session with a trainer to assess and evaluate your personal fitness and health needs. This will help us to design your training program accordingly. (2 slots / session)
This is the first step of your fitness journey. Your fundamentals. Learn the basic functional movements, and get strong the right way. Get strong first, and you will be equipped with the ability to do all else. 
Once you have achieved a base level of strength, the next step is to condition your body to handle a high volume of functional movements at a very high pace. These high intensity workouts will leave your heart rate pumping, so that you will burn fat, build muscle, and feel pretty damn good. 
The intention for the Restore classes are to unwind, and undo any tension that may exist the body. The pace of the class is slow, where the focus is more on the breath than anything else. Don’t be fooled! The slow paced nature of this class does not make it easy. It takes effort to find stillness in not just the body, but also in the mind. If you are in need of a cool down after a Strength or Met-con class, or need to relieve some pent up stress, this class is perfect for you.

This class involves a more vinyasa-style (flow) approach to yoga, where you will be moving with the breath in a specific flow sequence that leads you into a peak posture. The pace of the class is more rigorous, where the poses may require a varied amount of strength and balancing. The Rejuvenate classes are to do just that; to allow you to bring renewed energy off the mat and into the rest of the day

We offer two of the most ancient forms of striking arts – Boxing and Muaythai. We also offer classes in BJJ, also known as the gentle art. There are no choreographed scenarios here that you pretend to react to. Dedicate yourselves to learning the life-skill of self-defence, and show that your strength and conditioning really matters. These martial arts classes will take you through intensive drilling and live sparring sessions in a small cosy environment, so that you can pick up these skills in a non-intimidating and friendly setting, while getting an awesome workout. 

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